Welcome to Gone Missing

Our aim is to reunite missing people with their friends and family, or point people in a direction where they can seek the help that they need.

We use information from various sources social media pages. In most cases the content displayed on this website will be that of a Police Authorities social network page/s.

There are several guidelines that you need to adhere to:

  1. The safety & wellbeing of missing people is our highest concern;
  2. Please do not organise search parties for missing people displayed on this website, organising searches is the job of Police Authorities, please let them conduct such events, please do not interfere with their practices;
  3. Report any sightings of missing people to the relevant Police Authority (as stated in missing people posts), do not approach a missing person as we do not want to unsettle them or overwhelm them;
  4. Missing people have families, please respect the wishes of the families;
  5. Please do not speak to the media regarding missing people displayed on this website, the media will be contacted via the Police or family members of missing people in due course;
  6. Information displayed on this site is for the purpose of creating awareness of missing people.